Torres Strait Islander (T.S.I) Peg Dolls

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Torres Strait Islander (T.S.I) Peg Dolls

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Aboriginal Peg Dolls are my most popular item! 
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Torres Strait Islander (T.S.I.)

Created with inspiration from my old Indigenous dance days, where the girls wore black, red or other coloured dresses and the boys wore the traditional Lap Lap. Painted up in traditional Ocher; A clay rock made into a paste and painted onto our skin and clothing to be one with the land.

Torres Strait Islander Dolls are in brightly and beautiful coloured dresses and traditional mens grass skirts with flowers grown on the Islands, flower bands and Men's headdress called a 'Dhari'.

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Need Inspo?
Create small world play areas or cultural displays with my Wooden Aboriginal Peg Dolls, lay some soil, grass, leaves and branches etc on a little tray table and create a little world so children can play and learn.
Or for yourself or a special someone to simply display at home or work.