The Goannas
The Goannas

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The Goannas

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The Goannas

This painting illustrates Aboriginal Nations coming
together. The meeting places show mob coming together
sitting around yarning, with the goanna tracks in the centre
made by the big Goanna, as well as the path taken by mob
to get there. On the right hand side represents Aboriginal
Nations, in which the players come from, representing
their mob and community. The Nations are embraced by
mob sitting around symbolising our connectedness and
togetherness. We are many Nations, but we are also one

16 X 20 inches

 Krystal Hurst

Krystal Hurst is a Worimi artist and owner of Gillawarra Arts originating from the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Krystal specialises in jewellery making using natural and currently available materials as well as painting contemporary Aboriginal artworks on canvas. Krystal’s cultural expression began as a wonnai (child) and is now shared on social media platforms to reach wider audiences.  Krystal sells most of her creations on Etsy and at local markets, all inspired by her experiences and Country and has landed her to be the 2017 ACT NAIDOC Artist of the Year. Materials range from oysters and pippy shells, quandongs and eucalypt seeds, emu feathers, reeds, porcupine quills and sea weed.