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No Running

This piece was produced recently as a series titled ‘A flee country’. Recently I’ve enjoyed a new approach to my style by using an inventive way of dotting. 

I label this- exploiting the exploited. And here in a his series, using the ubiquitous ‘toilet door’ style figures as a modern spirit in the landscape, we set up a quirky narrative.

This particular piece was inspired by memories of the Botanic gardens in Larrakia (Darwin). On my first visit I recall witnessing the Gunjies on horseback moving on the local Blakfullas who were sitting peacefully in the shade. Also, the innumerable cases throughout his-story whereby mob have been pursued by the Bullly Men on horseback; take for example the recent Warwick Thornton masterpiece 'Sweet Country'. Basically... it requires athleticism and a big heart to escape any Colonial wrath. Blak fullas here have both. 


Blak Douglas, 2018

SIZE: 50 x 50cm

MEDIUM: Synthetic polymer on canvas

PRICE: $2500.00


Art career now spanning two decades. Hailing from western Sydney, born to a Koori Father / Caucasian Mother. B.A. in Graphic Design, majoring in illustration & photography, became self – practiced in painting with a style influenced by the study of Graphic Design & devoutly politicised per social justice. Collected widely.