Mermaid Sunrise Yoga Mat
Mermaid Sunrise Yoga Mat

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Mermaid Sunrise Yoga Mat

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 Painted Yoga Mat

Mermaid sunrise 

This is a modern contemporary artwork created in a day.

The base is a mix of yellow for the sun and red for the earth. New beginnings walking forward into an equal future to all.

The canvas is shaped like yoga mat. Yoga and chi gong are the preparation disciplines I use for my body mind and soul.

The middle black piece was created with my hands and feet. That for me represent grounding and earthing ourselves back into the earth to reconnect. To create this mermaid tail/love heart shape I was practising ‘The Tibetan Detox’ is from the chi gong disciplines drawing energy up from earth-under my feet to cleanse and energise the body then drawing energy down from the heavens cleansing from the kidneys releasing what’s not needed from the body fertilising the earth and replacing it with grounding feminine dense life force energy.

I always use these techniques to prepare my body to go mermaiding, in the big waves. I love watching the shapes formed on the sand and love how a mermaid tail is naturally made.

I then dipped my hands and feet in more black paint and did a sun salute to make the other black shapes.

Being in a meditative state Dadirri will bring the people of this land back to self, back to culture.

The white spray represents breath, water spray, and the white light of unity.

About Eve:

Hi, I'm Eve - a local Indigenous women also known as "The Bondi Mermaid”!  My love for the ocean, yoga, fitness and dancing, has inspired me to create MermaidFit -- a program designed for all you water - and particular - ocean lovers! As well as being a mother of three, I teach yoga, specialising in prenatal, post-natal and kids — emphasising safety and good health along the way. I'm also a swim instructor, specialising in mum n bub's with kids of all ages are welcome. MermaidFit is a great experience for the whole family!

I am the senior educator at Wandana Indigenous Events and education where I facilitate an art cultural program in schools around Australia.

As an artist I began as a dancer specialising in many cultural dancers, performing all over the world. I have studied yoga and tied in dance pieces connecting the chakras with movement.