Lemon Myrtle Honey


Lemon Myrtle Honey

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Fresh sweet and delicious Carinya Downs honey, infused with one of Australians favorite Native Bush Tucker flavours,  Lemon Myrtle. 

NB: Have you ever noticed how your store bought commercial honey stays liquid in the jar for years? This is not a good thing! Our honey is infused with Lemon Myrtle, but is not heated treated or processed in any other way. It is not diluted or mixed with any chemical compounds unlike many commercial store bought honey. This means that our honey may candy from time to time, but don't panic if this happens, its perfectly good to consume, just a slightly different texture or if you don't like the texture, just pop the jar in some warm water and it will liquefy again. Pure Raw Honey does this as it depends on what the bees have been foraging, certain flowers cause honey to candy faster than others. Each batch of our honey is slightly different and we love the natural uniqueness this brings our product. 

Carinya Downs is an Indigenous owned Family Permaculture Farm in the Heart of the Hunter Valley. All our artworks have been completed by Indigenous Artists, Kerry-Ann Rostron and Lindsay Jane Rowcliff.