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Barka Arts


I'm a young Barkindji, Maliangappa & Gamilario Woman.

I am an Artist, Qualified Early Childhood Educator, Mum & Wife.

I create Aboriginal Resources for Children in Day Care, Pre School, Kinder, and Primary School. My items also make beautiful unique gifts. 
I even offer wholesale to other local shops and businesses who are interested to stock my items.



My post popular items are Wooden Peg Dolls. Also Aboriginal Symbol Stones, Nesting Dolls, Doll Houses & Wooden Boards. Lots of different work shown on my Social Media Pages 'Barka Arts'.

Need some inspiration?

Create small world play areas or cultural displays with Wooden Aboriginal Peg Dolls (sold in my shop), lay some soil, grass, leaves and branches etc on a little tray table and create a little world so children can play and learn.

Fill a tray with sand, sticks and Aboriginal Symbol Stones (sold in my shop), use sticks to draw in the sand and learn the meanings of Indigenous Symbols that have been used for thousands of years in traditional Indigeous paintings and carvings. Use the stones as a learning guide and draw on paper and create your own stories using symbols.