Stallholder terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Stallholders Registration Fee: $80. Registration fee includes GST.  

Food stall fee: $150 Must have own public liability. Food Stalls must supply their own marquee and equipment as required by Council Standards.

Opening & closing time: All stallholders MUST remain in operation for the duration of the advertised time of the markets. Please do not book a stall if you are unable to commit to these times. 

 Code of Conduct for Blak Markets Stallholders


 1                   Who does this Code of Conduct apply to?

This Code of Conduct (Code) applies to all stallholders at the Blak Markets (including their directors, officers, trustees, agents, contractors and employees) and to First Hand Solutions (FHS).

We want to have a safe and productive Marketplace, where everyone has the right to be treated equally and with respect, dignity and courtesy.

The Code outlines the responsibilities of FHS and stallholders.


2                   What are FHS’ responsibilities?

FHS is committed to complying with applicable rules, regulations and laws and to providing safe Markets. As part of meeting this commitment, FHS reserves the right at any time and for any reason to decide:

  • what types of goods and services are sold at the Markets;

  • how many stalls are at the Markets;

  • to relocate stalls within the Markets;

  • to invite anyone, including of any ethnicity or background, to the Markets;

  • to refuse admission to anyone to the Markets; and

  • to eject anyone from the Markets. 

3                   What are my responsibilities?

As a stallholder at the Blak Markets, you need to be aware that at all times:

  • you must comply with all rules, regulations and laws that apply to you at the Markets. In particular, you need to have regard for your own safety and others’ safety at the Market;

  • you must behave professionally and courteously in your interactions with others;

  • you must not engage in any behaviour that discriminates against, harasses, bullies, intimidates, offends, degrades, humiliates or abuses others, irrespective of their gender, age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief or family responsibilities. Specific examples of behaviour that will not be tolerated include:

–insulting, putting down or criticising others;

–making racist, sexist or other offensive remarks;

–using social media to make derogatory remarks or complaints or bullying;

  • you must not misuse any controlled substances or have, consume or distribute any drugs or alcohol at the Markets. In addition, you must not smoke at the Markets;

  • you cannot tell other stallholders what they can or can’t sell, where they can locate their stall or ask them to leave;

  • you may play music at your stall, but you need to be considerate of others as you are working in a shared space. Before market day, you must obtain approval from the Market-Manager to play music and if you are granted permission, please do not play music loudly; and

  • you may be provided with a stall and other items of FHS property. You must treat this property with care, responsibility and respect at all times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

4                   How can I report a breach of the Code of Conduct?

If you observe any behaviour or a situation that you believe breaches this Code, you should report it to or Peter Cooley our CEO at Please refer to the Complaints Handling Procedure for more details on how to make a complaint. You will not be disadvantaged or discriminated against if you report a legitimate concern. However, FHS will not tolerate any false or malicious complaints, or anyone being victimised for making a complaint or being involved in a complaint.


5                   What happens if there is a breach of the Code of Conduct?

FHS will decide how best to handle and resolve any complaints about breaches of this Code. The Complaints Handling Procedure contains more details on this process. If there is a breach, FHS may:

  • investigate the complaint;

  • takes steps to resolve the complaint, for example by mediation;

  • issue a warning about the conduct;

  • require stallholders to relocate to another part of the Market;

  • if a stallholder continues not to comply, require the stallholder to leave the Market or not allow the stallholder to have a stall at future Markets

FHS reserves the right to inform the police or other appropriate authorities if it considers there has been criminal activity or an apparent breach of the law.


6      What products can I sell            

  • Products must be hand made or developed by the stallholders own business to be able to be sold.

  • Aboriginal people can source products from other Aboriginal makers then on sell them.

  • This market has an arts and craft and tourism following and we reserve the right to determine what kind of products will be sold at our market

7   Who can I contact for help?

Please email or the CEO if you have any questions about the Code.

You may also wish to approach the following external agencies:

  • the Fair Work Commission;

  • the Australian Human Rights Commission;

  • the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales;

  • Safe Work Australia; and

  • the Work Cover Authority of New South Wales.

Important Information

Document Type                     Code of Conduct for Blak Markets Stallholders

Responsibility                        CEO Peter Cooley or Blak Markets Manager, Ash Little

Other relevant procedures    Complaints Handling Procedure for Blak Markets Stallholders

Last updated                          17 September 2018

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