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Hi My Name is Deb Munson a proud Gomeroi women living on the Mid North Coast Port Macquarie

I have a background in hair and beauty, and owns and operates her own business-Baagi Milaygiin Grandmothers Spirit Bush Beauty products and services, I create my own products using native plants, and incorporates my products into my spa treatments.

I has extensive experience working in wellbeing, in particular with Aboriginal girls and is frequently called upon by community to deliver workshops to female youth target self-esteem, coming into womanhood and standing in your power as a woman. My products are beautifully created and allow women to feel nourished, nurtured and pampered.

Both grandmothers Gomeroi nana Leslie
Darug nana Smith
Both nanas past down the healing and has been gifted to both me and my 3 daughters .
Touch therapy as Were know to it is
With the guidance with our Elders and permission from the client I'm guided through with healing hands and bush essence and smoke to heal and Balance . Healing also helps eliminate toxins
This can be created into a Day Spa environment encouraging empowerment self esteem creating jobs and being self sufficient as the tourism has a huge market for this and to development products through partnerships within
Tourism and the health and beauty Industry

Product Knowledge and Demonstration
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Bush Rub Balm

Clay Mask

After Sun Spray 

Gift Packs 

These products are beautifully created and allow women to feel nourished, nurtured & pampered. Product Knowledge & demonstrations or more information is available by contacting Deb directly.