Totem Paramaibaan Platypus Cushion Cover
Totem Paramaibaan Platypus Cushion Cover
Totem Paramaibaan Platypus Cushion Cover
Totem Paramaibaan Platypus Cushion Cover

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Totem Paramaibaan Platypus Cushion Cover

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 Wombati - Wombat

Aboriginal tribal and clan groups each have a totem.  A totem is a natural object, plant or animal that is inherited by members of a clan or family as their emblem and the group is responsible for the stewardship of their totem.  My totem is the Wedge Tail Eagle

The wombat dreamtime story tells of how he got his flat forehead in a fight with his friend the Kangaroo.  This started over wombat being selfish and not sharing his shelter in a storm with his friend after his campsite was washed out.

Cushion Covers available to two fabrics:

Polyester:- Made from waterproof and UV50+ material, they are suitable for indoors & outdoors. Available in 45 x 45 cm.

Linen/Cotton:- Made from 100% natural fabric, 55%linen and 45% cotton, 50 x 50 cm, they are perfect for the lounge or bed. They are suitable for indoors use only.



Aboriginal Stories Cards
Various sizes
High Quality Textured Fabric
Bright Colours
Unique Designs

We recommend you purchase inserts that are 5cm larger than cover to give that fluffy look!


The cushion covers originate from a commission series in 2014 for Hunter Health

bellie cast

Tankaan Ngatan Bobong Series - Mother and Baby

Commission by Hunter New England Local District Health - Birra Li Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Service in 2014, these 38 week pregnant belly casts of Aboriginal women from across the Hunter Valley are displayed throughout the services facilities.

This artwork celebrates the special journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Each work is depicted on a uniquely crafted belly cast provided from our beautiful pregnant mums from across the region.

The blue, aqua and green ribbon flowing around the borders of the works, representing our region and communities by symbolising both the East Coast and the Hunter River.

Each artworks central figure is of an Australian native wildlife Mother and Baby. These animals, birds and fish are representative of the totems of Aboriginal tribes and passed down to babies at birth.